Fathermoh and Ssaru’s Hit Song ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ Surpasses 3 Million YouTube Streams and Takes Over TikTok Challenges

Fathermoh and Ssaru’s Hit Song ‘Kaskie Vibaya’ Surpasses 3 Million YouTube Streams and Takes Over TikTok Challenges

In the world of Kenyan music, one artist who has been making waves with his hit songs is Fathermoh, a member of the popular Mbuzi Gang music group.

Fathermoh’s latest song, “Kaskie Vibaya,” featuring the talented rapper Ssaru, has taken the music industry by storm, surpassing over 3 million streams on YouTube and becoming a top-selling and trending song from Black Market Records.

“Kaskie Vibaya” has quickly gained popularity not only in Kenya but also across Africa and beyond. Since its release, the song has been receiving positive feedback globally, with fans and music enthusiasts praising Fathermoh and Ssaru for their outstanding talent and unique style.

The song has been attracting views on YouTube every minute, a testament to its widespread appeal and popularity.

One of the reasons why “Kaskie Vibaya” has gained so much attention is the video challenges it has sparked on TikTok.

The catchy beats and infectious lyrics of the song have inspired fans to create their own video challenges, resulting in a viral trend on the popular social media platform.

The hashtag #KaskieVibayaChallenge has been trending on TikTok, with fans from all over the world showcasing their creative skills and vibing to the tune of Fathermoh and Ssaru’s hit song.

Fathermoh’s collaboration with Ssaru has been widely applauded, as their styles complement each other perfectly. Ssaru, known for her exceptional rapping skills, brings a unique flavor to “Kaskie Vibaya” with her smooth verses and impressive flow.

Fathermoh, on the other hand, delivers his signature energetic and captivating performance, making the song a perfect blend of talent and artistry.

“Kaskie Vibaya” is not the first time Fathermoh has produced a hit song. Known for his consistent ability to create chart-topping tracks, Fathermoh has established himself as one of the leading artists in the Kenyan music scene.

His commitment to delivering only hit songs has garnered him a massive following and earned him a reputation as a top-notch artist.

Black Market Records, the record label behind “Kaskie Vibaya,” has also played a significant role in the success of the song. The label has been instrumental in promoting and distributing Fathermoh’s music, enabling him to reach a wider audience both locally and internationally.

The success of “Kaskie Vibaya” is a testament to the strong partnership between Fathermoh and Black Market Records.

In conclusion, Fathermoh’s hit song “Kaskie Vibaya” featuring Ssaru has taken the Kenyan music scene by storm, surpassing over 3 million streams on YouTube and becoming a top-selling and trending song.

The song’s global appeal, with positive feedback from fans all over the world, and its viral TikTok challenges are a testament to Fathermoh’s and Ssaru’s talent and artistry.

With Fathermoh’s consistent track record of producing hit songs and Ssaru’s exceptional rapping skills, “Kaskie Vibaya” is undoubtedly a top song in Kenya and Africa at large.

Music enthusiasts and fans alike eagerly anticipate what Fathermoh has in store for his next hit song.

Stream the video below

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