Top trending songs from Black Market Records

Top trending songs from Black Market Records

Black Market Records has produced the biggest songs from across Africa and is arguably the biggest record label in Africa. For this reason we have put down their top hit songs that have rocketed the radios and TV’s and still trending on YouTube.

1. Kuna Kuna

Kuna Kuna is one of Kenya’s most popular song on TikTok, the song features famous iconic artists from Fathermoh, Savara, Brandy Maina and Thee Exit Band.

The song is the most requested song on radios and Television shows, Kuna Kuna is trending on top 5 on YouTube most trending videos. Vic West, the producer behind this global trend is now on the watchlist for the best producers in the entertainment industry.

It’s almost garnering a million views on YouTube, with so many opinions coming in so quickly Kuna Kuna is expected to get bigger and bigger. Thanks to the whole team of artists ok the song who offered something unique to make this a distinctive and popular tune.

Watch it here


2. Chunli

With an all-star song titled ‘Chunli’, Black Market Records introduces music fans to a new crop of outstanding artists. The song features BMR signee Fathermoh alongside Khaligraph Jones, Boutross and Smady.

Chunli has exceeded many people’s expectations because it has dominated the airwaves, clubs and streets. The song is trending on top 30 YouTube, with so much massive success and overwhelming reception.

Check it out via the link below


3. Ndasu

Ndasu is a tune from Mbuzi Gang that captivated everyone, the song message as well as it’s delivery and composition got people talking. It’s gathered alot of views since it’s release and it’s slowly getting into good rotation.
It’s brand new of YouTube, you can check it out via the link below


4. Naskia Wah

On the list of Black Market Records top trending songs is a notable mention of Boondocks Gang and Ethic Entertainment’s song ‘Naskia Wah’.

Regardless of age or preference everyone was grasping for air while watching this classic, it’s addictive and got the attention of many people. It’s close to attaining 1 million views on YouTube and still trending on top 100 songs on the same platform.

Thanks to the catchy hook and strong message that was skillfully sung was what thrust the song inti limelight and trending.


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