Octopizzo Hangs Out With African Top Rappers

Octopizzo Hangs Out With African Top Rappers

Namba Nane’s finest Octopizzo is not playing around this time round. The rapper was pictured hanging out with some of Africa’s best rappers in a picture that was taken in Lagos Nigeria.

The source of the picture and the date is not confirmed yet but the rapper was hanging out with some of the best rappers on the continent.

Sitting on one sofa with Nigeria’s Vector, Octopizzo is seen as laughing with the rapper as South Africa’s Areece looks on. Another famous rapper in the picture is MI Abaga who is considered one of Africa’s best MC.

Octopizzo and MI have worked on a track in the past and it got worldwide recognition. The video did not feature the Nigerian but Octopizzo still enjoyed filming the song and it’s still one of his best works.

The rapper is currently marketing his upcoming album Lamu Nights and has already uploaded and introductory clip on his YouTube. The new album looks to explore his brief stint at the coast and also celebrate his artistry.



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