Octopizzo Addresses Beef With Khaligraph Jones

Octopizzo Addresses Beef With Khaligraph Jones

Henry Ohanga popularly known as Octopizzo has come out to talk about his longstanding conflict with Khaligraph Jones. Talking on Radio Citizen’s Mseto Hip Hop, the rapper stated that he had no beef with the OG.

“I don’t have a grudge against anyone in this country. If there ever was one, I don’t think it exists now. It eventually just went away on its own. You probably already know that most of the time when you don’t react to something, it just goes away, ” Octopizzo said.

The rapper claimed that if he had any beef with anyone, it had disappeared over time and he did not harbor any harsh feelings towards anyone.

He, however, said that he did not talk with Khaligraph Jones on a regular basis. Octopizzo revealed that the two would exchange pleasantries when they met and that was it. They did not call each other all the time.

Octopizzo also gave hope to fans of Hip Hop promising that one day, Khaligraph Jones and him would get into studio. He mentioned that the time wasn’t there yet but assured that one day the two would finally get on a track.

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