Teslah teams up with Brandy Maina on a new song ‘Give it to me’

Teslah teams up with Brandy Maina on a new song ‘Give it to me’

Teslah is undoubtedly one of the most talented Kenyan artists we have right now in Kenya. And if you are a Kenyan female singer comfortable in your space, you might want to start paving the way because this drop dead gorgeous songbird is coming for that number one spot with no apologies.

Having won the heart of Kenyans by winning talanta mtaani and later becoming a judge on the same show, the Black Market Records signee is here to stay. And to prove that she is actually putting in the work, she has teamed up with Brandy Maina who is also very talented on a song dubbed ‘Give It To Me’. It’s the latest song the two have worked on together and its most definitely going to become the summer anthem.

Give it to me is a love song in which Teslah is trying to convince her crush to be with her for he has no idea what he is missing out on. Brandy on the other side is stuck in a friend zone and is trying to break out of it, for she is tired of being just friends with this hot friend she is besties with.

Give it to me is such a huge tune and the two ladies together is just what the industry might have been missing since their vocals sync so well.

The song done under Black Market Records, the leading record label in Kenya. It’s available for streaming on all platforms.

Check it out via the link below

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