Ferdinand Omanyala Wins Gold At Commonwealth Games

Ferdinand Omanyala Wins Gold At Commonwealth Games

Kenyan sprinter Ferdinand Omanyala powered to a first-place finish in the finals of the Men’s 100 meters at the Commonwealth Games. On Wednesday, August 4, Omanyala made Kenya proud by winning the first ever Gold for the country in the race.

Ferdinand Omanyala becomes the first ever Kenyan to ever win the Gold medal in the Men’s 100 meters race. Omanyala ran in 10.02 seconds to secure Kenya’s Gold at the Commonwealth Games.

Omanyala is the first Kenyan to win the Gold Medal in the Men’s 100 meters in over 60 years. The sprinter will now go down in history for the fete he achieved.

This comes just few weeks after the sprinter failed to qualify for the semi finals at the Oregon Athletics championships. Omanyala had Visa issues before the races and was ill prepared, resulting into a disappointment at the races.

This comeback shows that he had had his rest and was ready to prove to the world that he was not only the fastest man in Africa, but could also ran faster than anyone else in the world.

A big congratulations to the sprinter as he continues to shine in the races.

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