Album Review: Vita Vya Vina by King Mbunge

Album Review: Vita Vya Vina by King Mbunge


King Mbunge

I was supposed to review the final project when it came out a month ago. Mjengo plus all other shenanigans led me to today.

He even didn’t wait for me to access the project via Hustlessasa , he sent it via mail. I’ll still buy it because it’s art.

Now because I have it, I’ll get into it.

The project I have is called Vita Vya Vina, his final show project that happened on 27th November 2022 in Nakuru.

He’s sent me 6 tracks. My favorite? I can’t pick one. Fujo ndani ya Masjid felt like a clear lead because it was the first one I listened to. This one covers how Islam is perceived by many. He also talks about how some people are using the religion to enforce terrorism.
The Mwadhini calling in the background paints a picture of creativity as the song takes you on a journey of Muslims and how they continue being misunderstood. Mbunge focuses on the positives that come out of this fascinating religion.

Dafrau, another poetic masterpiece that had me skipping the New Year celebration just to rewind it. Mbunge talks about how the Youth and police brutality collide. He starts off with a deep sentence that leaves you hanging before the smooth intro. He dissects police brutality and how the Youth don’t have an opportunity to express themselves in the society. He examines how the police keep on going against any form of demonstration even if it’s your right. Police ni mtu atakuua akiwa moody, akiwa on and off duty. That cut so deep that I had to keep on listening again. A fitting piece especially in an electioneering year.


Poem number 3. Our heroes. Those who fought for us. Those who didn’t care about consequences. They only cared about liberation. This song dives into the motivation behind those who fought for the freedom of this great country. Hatuachi. A beautiful piece that begun so well but then opened a curtain of grievances these heros face now. Injustice for peace ilitimizwa na salamu. Was it worth it?

Lies that bind.
Conscious leadership piece calling out the ills that the government continues to commit. This piece enlightens citizens to look closely on how the government keeps on using resources that are meant for the common mwananchi to fatten it’s fingers. A government that doesn’t care at all about the good of the people. Lies. Hakuna faida kuimba wimbo wa Taifa.

Hidden figures

This one sounded like a dirge, something that might be read at a funeral. The lyricism and soulful instrumental had me listening closely. Sauti zikililia makiwa. It exposed how the voices were getting lost. Every single day victims all over. People missing. Nani ndio highest bidder. The piece looked at having these voices still ringing from afar. Sauti zinalia Kwa uchungu. Mbunge asks that man should be let to die but get his dues. He asks for justice. He demands that Kama lazima tufe, tutaje Kwa majina. He demands the least, kama lazima tufe, na tutakufa, let it be in a respectable manner.

Nightmares from a lonely cell
I saw it better to review this last because it was a great closing to the project. It talks about how he has lost happiness and motivation in all that he’s been doing. Mbunge exploits his weaknesses and asks God to come and show up for him. He admits that he’s tired. His art has been used in ways that he never expected. He has been disappointed. Mbunge decries how he was even used to push agendas just to make the donors happy. He reveals that as an artist he has been treated like a doormat at times. This piece feels more like a goodbye to the art he once loved. Nataka wisdom, nataka freedom, niwe free. Mbunge!

It is safe to say, my 2022 ended with one beautiful project.

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