Stevo Simple Boy Getting Engaged?

Stevo Simple Boy Getting Engaged?

Singer/rapper Stephen Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy has revealed that he is getting hitched. Stevo via his Instagram on Sunday, July 24, mentioned that he was inviting guests to his engagement party.

Stevo Simple Boy posted a well-designed poster to show that he wanted people to come to witness his engagement to a lady he called Gee. The poster read: You are cordially invited to an engagement shoot party for Stephen Adera and Gee.

The shoot was to happen on Sunday, 24th July from 3pm till late and invited guests were required to ‘Dress to kill’.

The note ended with a little promotion at the bottom with the hashtag #freshibaridajuice marketing his latest brand.

Stevo on the other end captioned the poster: Wapenzi karibuni leo. It is yet to be determined if it’s just another clout-chasing moment, but we wish the entertainer all the best.

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