Why Being Lazy is Affecting Your Journey as An Artist

Why Being Lazy is Affecting Your Journey as An Artist

A certain blogger made a comment that caught my eye last night. The post was about how creatives are complaining about their failures but don’t know that they are the problem.

Laziness is one attribute that affects most creatives. Putting in work is one thing and being talented is the other. Very many people are talented, but they rarely put in work.

Artists are the epitome of laziness. They ooze sluggishness. All an artist, especially local musicians, do is release music and sit back.

They expect the song to do well without adding in some marketing. Promoting the song. Turning the craft into a business. After a studio session, getting the audio out, and having the video for it, artists sit back on their chairs with their arms crossed and expect a miracle.

It does not happen that way. You have to put in the work. You have to invest in it. Save up before you can go ahead and record the song. Marketing is everything these days, have a budget for that. Good videos are also a plus if you are trying to be taken seriously.

Quality photographs for marketing are also highly recommended. No one is trying to look at a poster that you are on as an artist and the picture on there is bad quality. That will hurt your brand, badly.

Do the work. Get dirty. Knock on those doors. Bloggers are a great tool. Use them. Find connections. Network!

Know someone who knows someone at a radio station. And when you go for an event, usikae huko nyuma ukimeza keg umefucha kwa water bottle. Talk to people. Find friends, find connections.

That’s how you grow. Stop being lazy!!

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