Adasa Teams Up with Speedo’o on Sensational Hit song dubbed “Company”

Adasa Teams Up with Speedo’o on Sensational Hit song dubbed “Company”

Coastal RNB sensation is not slowing down anytime soon at least according to her upcoming collaboration. The singer has teased a collaboration with Sierra Leone rapper Speedo’o.

According to a snippet that was seen by Chonjo on Tuesday 20, 2022, the collaboration dubbed Company already sounds like a major hit.

The RNB feel to it bringing the best out of Adasa and the chill gangster turned loverman vibe expresses Speedo’s ability. The two gel well on the song with the visuals to the song also being shown in the snippet.

The two artists are some of the talents that are being represented under Chezaa Africa. This association has made the collaboration happen making it easier for both of them to gain a new fan base .

This comes a few months since Speedo bust into the Kenyan scene when he did a collaboration with Kenyan rapper Katapilla. Speedo has continued to rise and establish dominance in the country. This new project with Adasa will also help push him beyond rap music.

Kenyan fans, known to favor RNB and Bongo like songs, will surely appreciate Speedo stepping out with the ever beautiful and vocally talented Adasa.

Adasa continues to rule the coastal region and her collaboration with Nairobi singers has helped push her into a majority of Kenyan regions.

The singer has had successful collaborations with Benzema and Stevo Simple Boy, that have made her one of the top female artists in the country.


We can’t wait for you to finally hear the whole song.

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