Why Azimio candidate Martha Karua is not Married!!

Why Azimio candidate Martha Karua is not Married!!

Azimio running mate Martha Karua is not married but she used to have a husband by the name Dr. Njoka. They were blessed with two children,Wawira and Njoka. There is no explanation on how their relationship ended.

Later, Karua started dating Court of Appeal Judge, Justice GBM Kariuki but their relationship ended leading to a divorce in 2008,The divorce was followed by a scandal as shortly after the divorce, Kariuki was arrested and charged with murder.

Kariuki was accused of stabbing Robert Karori when a scuffle ensued between them. after they got involved in an accident in lower Kabete.

The case was however dismissed due to lack of evidence. Officers who were investigating the incident said that they were under pressure from the Attorney General and the Justice minister(Karua) to lock the justice in cells.

Apparently, Karua was getting back at Kariuki for dumping her. Kariuki however sued the state for the damages that he had incurred and that saw him get awarded Ksh 5 million.

Since 2008 Karua has been single but not searching. At one time she was asked her opinion about marriage and she said she isn’t interested in marriage, it’s not her priority at the moment.

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