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Wajackoyah the 5th wants all prisoners detained for bhang cases released

Wajackoyah the 5th wants all prisoners detained for bhang cases released

Wajackoyah, a very controversial Kenyan politician vying to be the fifth president of the Republic of Kenya has once brought more to the table. He is pleading for the freedom to all those behind bars with the crime of drugs to be specific, bhang.

This has come forth in one of his meetings. In his speech, he pleads with the president Uhuru Kenyatta to release in accusation. From his point of view, he claims that they were just trying to get a livelihood and provide for their loved ones.

The remarks has since received mixed reactions from the citizens, most claiming that criminals should not be released back into the community. In other news he has brought another another agenda to the public poll about dog meat selling.

Wajackoyah seems not to step back and he is embarking on this journey of placing the ugly truth on the table. This is enough to set him a good portion of enemies in his quest for the presidential seat.

His propaganda is quite indifferent to what a “good” leader should be preaching claims the netizen.


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