Wajackoyah Summons His Deputy Over Disciplinary Issue

Wajackoyah Summons His Deputy Over Disciplinary Issue

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah is not about to be disrespected by his deputy party leader Justina Wamae. According to a statement he sent out to the media on Monday, August 22, Wajackoyah noted that he wanted to impose disciplinary measures on Wamae.

Roots Party summoned Justina Wamae, over what they termed ‘Reckless Utterances’ she had made against the party and its presidential candidate.

Wajackoyah said his running mate Justina Wamae was to appear before a disciplinary committee for “Continuously and maliciously misrepresenting the position of the Roots Party of Kenya”.

Wamae congratulated president-elect William Ruto and also mentioned that her former party, Roots Party, was disorganized.

Wajackoyah and his runing mate Justina Wamae.

She later responded to the threats by Wajackoyah by saying they were not viable. ” My boss said that he was going to go to court. I told him it wasn’t viable. You cannot leave your gate open and still cry foul when your stuff has been stolen,” she replied.


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