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The Airbnb’s company bans houseparties in their residences world wide

The Airbnb’s company bans houseparties in their residences world wide

It is out of great concern that the Airbnb company has come to the great decision. The company has brought forth a rule to its members that no parties or club like behavior should be involved with its co-operation. This is after a survey and observation by their researchers that their services are being exploited.

This exploitation has been brought forth by the co-operation of both the hosts and the guests. In Kenya, the Airbnbs have become a very popular spot for chill in parties and gross acts. The company claims that the consequences that are being placed are going to be extremely heavy on them that try to break the rules.

With this in the picture, the business might receive a blow since this has been a marketing strategy for some reasonable period of time. Better prevention than cure. The hosts to the rentals have a great role of observing its guests to avoid bringing problems.

It is a safety precaution to the society as per their say and co-operation is what they expect from all their customers. This is one of the newest forms of businesses and its seems to be doing very well. For more of this growth, following the rules aught to be done so as to keep them in the game.

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