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Police Imposter gets Arrested live on Television

Police Imposter gets Arrested live on Television

A woman pretending to be a police officer was early this morning arrested as she was live on a TV interview as a panelist. In a report done by the National Police Service Twitter handle on Wednesday, June, 29, Kilimani Police officers arrested the woman who was on Inooro TV.

The police officers reported that the woman was not who she said she was and was in full uniform pretending to be a police officer. Police officers rushed to the TV station from where they arrested Monica Wamaitha Gitau, a civilian and an aspirant for the Nairobi Women MP seat in full police uniform. She is currently assisting with investigations for the offense of impersonating a police officer.

The NPS Twitter stage called on all the media houses to confirm the identity of anyone pretending to be working for the police before having them on their interviews.

“To avoid similar incidences in the future, National Police Service wishes to advise all Media Houses to always liaise for clearance with the Office of the Police Spokesperson or respective regional or county commanders over all requests for interviews with police officers,” the page wrote.

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