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Eric Omondi Trolls Amber Ray Over Bride Price Requirements

Eric Omondi Trolls Amber Ray Over Bride Price Requirements

Comedian Eric Omondi is not pulling off his punches as he came face to face with socialite Amber Ray. In an Instagram post made on Sunday, November 13, the comedian claimed that all the items Amber Ray had listed for her engagement were a pipe dream.

“Sasa maze Amber Ray, na wakamba wote, naomba tusaidiane kama wakenya ndio tusonge mbele,” Eric Omondi started. He went ahead and listed the requirements that Amber Ray had written down.

“Beer 2 crates, traditional beers, 4 blankets, ripe bananas, three crates of sodas, 84 goats,” he listed. He instead offered another solution to what he though his brother Kennedy Rapudo, Amber Ray’s boyfriend, should do.

Eric Omondi stated that the Luos planning to marry in Kambaland should form a chama and collect money to buy a pipe that would take water from Lake Victoria to Ukambani where water scarcity is a big issue.

He also noted that only Kamba women deserved to have their dowry paid out of all Kenyan women. Omondi mentioned that Rapudo should take up his advice and avoid paying dowry for Amber Ray.

Amber Ray and Rapudo announced that they were engaged before they left for their trip in Mauritius to enjoy the former’s birthday. The two shared lovely photos of their engagement while on their trip.

The couple also experienced the Kenya Airways pilot strike as they were unable to travel back into the country because of the strike that took place on the weekend of November 5th, 2022.

The couple had been in an on and off relationship for the past one year and continued surprising Kenyans when they kept coming back to each other.

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