Top 10 Most Creative Pick Up Lines from KOT

Top 10 Most Creative Pick Up Lines from KOT

The dating world is not easy, especially with the advent of social media. Here and there you might want to spice up your game by adding more ammo to your gun. This is where pickup lines come in.

Below we have curated the most creative lines picked from the ever-chaotic Kenyans on Twitter popularly known as KOT.

  1. Are you, Gillette, coz you’re the best a woman can get

Albeit not as awesome as you would have wanted but this simple line can work wonders

2. Let’s play Titanic. You’ll be the iceberg and I’ll go down on you

This one needs when you are past the preliminaries and getting to know each other. It can also work when you are bold enough to use it as an introduction.

3. Call me David coz I’m gonna fight for your Saul

Biblical in that manner and can be used when you want to get with a girl who’s religious. Trust KOT to come up with lines for every audience.

4. Hey girl, if I tossed a coin, what is the possibility of me getting head?

We live in a bold generation. This line is not for the faint-hearted. If you live on the wild side, you can pull this off.

5. You’re funny, I’m funny. Let’s funnicate.

A little of word play and rhyme never hurt anybody. This line can jokingly work if you are good with presentation. This requires you to have someone with a sense of humor too.

6. Hey baby girl, najua mimi sio Gideon but I can Moi-sten your heart

Does she love politics? If she doesn’t please don’t pull off this line as it might be difficult for her to catch up. It is also another bold line you can use, but on the right audience.

7. Hii nguo yako ni Sadaka? Juu kuna vile nataka kuitoa

This is my favorite on this list as it encourages creativity and also elicits laughter. Still on the religious part but a little naughty, it can put a smile on her face and her number on your list.

8. Is your name Jesus, because you’re getting nailed tonight.

Religious puns are great, to be honest. The humor that comes with it is also beautiful and that is why we are getting more lines like this one.

9. Damn girl, I might not go down in history, but I’d go down on You!

Sexual much? Like I said, some of these lines need a bold generation. Like out generation. This is a line you pull off and get a big smile from an understanding woman.

10. Sijui Nikukope pesa ndio at least unidai vile nakudai?

Last but not least, Fuliza and M-shwari with a little sprinkle of HELB brought us here. Debt is all we can think about even as a country. This is why this line makes the list.


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