Ruto advises Lee Kinyanjui to get a DNA test done

Ruto advises Lee Kinyanjui to get a DNA test done

Count down to elections and things are getting steamy each horizon. The deputy president, his excellency William Ruto has found himself in a corner in one of his talks after some remarks. His words were directed to the honourable Nakuru governor, Lee Kinyanjui.

William Ruto advised Lee Kinyanjui to have a DNA test due to his great resemblance with the late his excellency Daniel Arap Moi. This is very political as the deputy president is slowly trying to pull Lee Kinyanjui to his side based on ethnicity.

This brought Lee to a boil as he confidently hit him back with a reminder that his mother, William Ruto once worked as a house keeper at the late President’s place as well. With this remark, it brings forth the suggestion that he should mind his own business and maybe consider doing the same since there might be some probabilities as well.

Things are getting hot at this end and we all know that in this game of politics, any card can be pulled to bring the opponent to the other side or pull them down

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