Amber Ray fight over Amira’s son

Amber Ray fight over Amira’s son

We all thought this roller coaster of emotions had come to an end but we all were wrong. Once again, Amber Ray, the beautiful, famous social influencer is at logger heads with Amira. The struggle for social media lime light is leading the way;as explained by Amber Ray.

Amira accuses Amber of double crossing her boundaries by trying to take pictures with her son as a medium to flaunt. This is after the two had a properly cooked beef steered by Jamal, their man. Amber clapped back with the defence that she is no longer interested in their family.

She went ahead to explain that all this was a lie and it is such a shame that Amira has recruited her son to her acts. Amber goes on to draw the distinctive line as she bashes her for coping her style to impress jamal, who is still cheating on her even after them seperating. “You can’t keep a man I left for you in the name of we have come from far,” Says Amber Ray.

Amira has not yet responded to this and netizens get the fact that maybe Amber was speaking the truth. Amber advises people to stop being all over her life if they want to have a peaceful life for she is not going back on her journey.

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