From Exam Setbacks to Global Triumphs Larry Madowo’s Inspiring Journey Beyond Grades

From Exam Setbacks to Global Triumphs  Larry Madowo’s Inspiring Journey Beyond Grades


Renowned CNN journalist Larry Madowo recently took to social media to share his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) results, turning a personal academic setback into a powerful message of encouragement for the 2023 candidates who recently received their results.


In a compelling Facebook post on Tuesday, January 9, Madowo shared his journey of overcoming academic challenges and achieving remarkable success in his career.


Despite a B- grade in the national exam, Madowo revealed that he experienced an astonishing 45 foreign trips in the year 2023, spanning 27 countries. His story challenges the conventional belief that academic performance dictates one’s future opportunities.


Madowo boldly stated in his post, “I ‘failed’ KCSE, but I did 45 foreign trips last year – 27 countries. My B- in the national exam was so bad I was getting pushed to repeat Form 4! Mtu asikupimie hewa.”


This underscores his belief that no one should allow grades to define their potential and opportunities.


In a direct message to the 2023 candidates, Madowo urged them to rise above academic setbacks, emphasizing that grades should not limit their aspirations.


To drive home this empowering message, he shared a captivating video compilation on his Facebook account titled ‘2023 RECAP. 27 countries in 3 minutes,’ showcasing snippets from his global adventures.


The video featured Madowo immersing himself in diverse cultures, highlighting his travels in countries like Switzerland, Portugal, Morocco, Nepal, Rwanda, Nigeria, and many more.

Larry Madowo enjoying his moments

Throughout the clips, Madowo engaged in local experiences, dancing to native music, and sharing laughter with residents, illustrating that success is not determined by academic grades.


Larry Madowo’s vibrant and positive experiences showcased in the video serve as a testament to his inspiring message that success transcends conventional notions and is achievable regardless of academic performance.


As one of Kenya’s successful journalists, Madowo stands as a beacon of motivation for aspiring individuals, proving that determination and passion can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.

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