Ochungulo Family is impacting the gengetone industry and pushing African music globally

Ochungulo Family is impacting the gengetone industry and pushing African music globally

Ochungulo Family, a Kenyan gengetone music group consisting of three members, NellytheGoon, D’more and Benzema/Alejandro (real name David), has been making waves in the music industry both locally and globally.

The trio has impacted the gengetone music industry, pushing boundaries and gaining recognition for their unique sound and style.

All three members of the group hail from the Southlands neighborhood in Lang’ata Constituency, Nairobi. They started their music journey as solo artists but later joined forces to form Ochungulo Family, which has been a huge success.

The group’s music is a fusion of Sheng’, a popular Kenyan slang language, and trap beats, making their sound distinct and relatable to their fans.

Ochungulo Family’s success can be attributed to their ability to tap into the culture of their audience.

Their music is a reflection of the everyday struggles and experiences of young people in Kenya. The group’s lyrical prowess and creativity have earned them a huge following, especially among the youth.

Their music has become an anthem for many, with songs like “Bora Uhai”, Liquor Store “, Kaa Na Mama Yako,” “Dudu,” and “Mbingijii Imekulwa Na Ndogi” topping music charts and gaining millions of views on YouTube.

The group’s rise to fame has not been without challenges, with critics accusing them of promoting vulgar content and inciting violence.

However, the trio has remained resilient, stating that their music is a reflection of the society they live in and that they are only highlighting the issues that need to be addressed.

Ochungulo Family has not only impacted the Kenyan music industry but also gained recognition globally.

Their unique sound has caught the attention of international record labels, leading to collaborations with artists from different parts of the world.

The group has also performed in various countries, showcasing African music to the world and promoting cultural exchange.

The trio is currently working on projects under Black Market Records, a record label that has been instrumental in promoting African music globally.

Their upcoming projects are highly anticipated, with fans eagerly waiting for their next release.

In conclusion, Ochungulo Family has been at the forefront of pushing African music to the global stage.

Their impact on the gengetone music industry cannot be overlooked, and their unique sound has earned them a huge following both locally and internationally.

The trio has proved that with creativity and hard work, anything is possible, and they continue to inspire many young artists in Africa and beyond

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