Kenyans Concerned About The Well Being Of Musician Colonel Mustapha

Kenyans Concerned About The Well Being Of Musician Colonel Mustapha

Colonel Mustapha is a Kenyan musician who was once the darling of the music industry. He was known for his hit songs such as ‘Hey Baby’ featuring his then-girlfriend Marya, ‘Mtaani dot com,’ and ‘Loboko,’ among others.

He was also famous for his lavish lifestyle and high-profile relationship with Marya, which was the envy of many.

Despite their different religious backgrounds, Mustapha, who is Muslim, and Marya, who is Christian, stuck together, with rumors suggesting that their families disapproved of their relationship.

There were even reports that Marya’s then-best friend, Avril, wrote a song about their relationship dubbed ‘Mama.’ However, Mustapha denied that their families’ disapproval was the reason for their split.

Instead, he insinuated in an interview that Marya allegedly cheated on him with her baby daddy.

After disappearing from the music scene for a while, Mustapha resurfaced on a local TV series called ‘Nairobi Diaries.’ The reality TV show featured some of the most famous faces in the entertainment industry at the time.

Last year, Mustapha released a song called ‘Maloko’ under the name ‘Col Mustapha,’ but it failed to gain much traction.

Recently, a video of Mustapha surfaced online, showing him at a construction site working.

He did not appear to be at his best, leading some fans to worry that he may have gone bankrupt. However, others speculated that the singer might be shooting a new music video.

Regardless of his current situation, Mustapha remains a beloved figure in Kenya, and many fans wish him all the best.

His music has left an indelible mark on the Kenyan music industry, and his past relationships and lavish lifestyle continue to be topics of conversation among Kenyan millennials.

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