Kuna Kuna hits over 13 millions views on YouTube

Kuna Kuna hits over 13 millions views on YouTube

Vic West brags after “Kuna Kuna,” his most recent chart-topping hit song, receives more than 13 million YouTube views. Both nationally and internationally, this song has received the most requests and airplay.

He teamed up with Brandy Maina, Savara, Mbuzi Gang and Thee Exit Band of Black Market Records. Kuna Kuna is still an anthem as it’s slowly become a common tune in the neighbouring countries as well.

Fans all over the world are now singing along to the catchy flow of this groove, which has elevated Africa to the top of the global music scene. As time passes, it’s projected that it will receive more YouTube views.

Don’t be left behind, join the TikTok gang and do your challenge to this amazing global hit song. If you haven’t checked it out yet, stream via the link below


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