Kenyans React to New Unga Prices

Kenyans React to New Unga Prices

Kenyans had mixed reactions when the government announced a significant reduction in the prices of Unga. A 2kg bag retailing at Ksh230 would now be sold at Ksh100 for the next one month according to a directive that was made by the government on Monday, July 18.

Kenyans on Twitter took to their mobile phones and computers speaking their minds on the decision that was announced by most media outlets.

“Why did you leave Kenyans to suffer?” -Deputy President William Ruto asked referring to the government reducing the price of Unga. He noted that the move was politically fueled.

Mohammed Alinur said: The Price of Unga has dropped from KSH. 230 to KSH. 100 courtesy of Raila Odinga. Thank you Baba. Prices of everything will drop in the first 100 days of Azimio Government.

Uncle Ian said: The most important thing is that prices of Unga will be lowered and that is what many Kenyans most especially Kenya Kwanza supporters were pressuring the government to do. We are happy with the Subsidy and that’s final.

Lawyer Nelson Havi noted: Mess up with the economy, have the prices of Fuel and Unga double. Then purport to lower the prices and say, “we are mindful of your plight as Kenyans. Vote.” No! It will not sail. It reminds us of those shops on Luthuli Avenue with 50% when in actual fact, there is no discount.


Consumers Federation of Kenya said: TOO MANY unanswered questions as govt ‘orders’ of unga (maize flour) to Sh100 from Sh230. The price of 1Kg Unga will be going for Sh52 as 5Kgs will will retail at 250 and 10Kgs for Sh490. Its not clear how the difference will be paid, by whom and when – and for how long.


This news comes as a relief for may Kenyans who were struggling to make ends meet with the high cost of living. Unga and other basic commodities had their prices shoot through the roof and it was getting unbearable for them.

The new prices will be as follows:

50 kg – 2250
10 KG- Ksh 440
5KG – Ksh 250
2 KG – Ksh 100
1 KG – Ksh 52
500 grams- Ksh 30

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