Safe and Sound Missing Tana River MPs Found After Intense Rescue Mission

In a dramatic turn of events, the missing Members of Parliament who disappeared during a food distribution mission have been safely located following a rigorous rescue operation on Saturday, December 2.

The two lawmakers, Garsen MP Ali Wario and Galole MP Said Buya Hiribae, were part of a group of 16 individuals aboard a motorboat when they went missing.

According to a report by the Daily Nation, the rescue effort successfully located the missing group, including the two MPs, in the early hours of Sunday, December 3.

Tana River County Commissioner Mohammed Noor confirmed the discovery, revealing that the individuals were found stranded in the middle of the Tana Delta around 4 am.

Two honourable people missing 

Hiribae shared insights into the ordeal, explaining that they lost their way in the tumultuous waters of River Tana. “We didn’t know where we were. The river has burst its banks, and all the villages are flooded, so any route looks like a shortcut, and that’s where we went wrong,” he recounted.

The unexpected flooding created a challenging situation, leading to their temporary disorientation.

The successful rescue operation marks the end of a tense period, providing relief for the families, constituents, and well-wishers concerned about the safety of the missing Members of Parliament and their companions.

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