Shakilla calls Mishi Dora a cockroach

Shakilla calls Mishi Dora a cockroach


During her sit down with Eric Omondi, aka Divalicious on his or is it her new show, socialite Shakilla trash talked socialite cum actress Mishi Dora, by calling her a cockroach and everything bad.

Shakilla Said;

Stop mentioning cockroaches in this show, who is Mishi Dora? Aah, who is her? She is everything bad, she is very bad, everything! From her hair, her talk, her make up, her looks, her shadow is bad! Yeah! And she’s gone! We left her! We’re on the currents, we’re in the Amber Rays, we’re in Shakilla’s we’re in Divalicious, (refering to Eric omondi) so f**k it! Let’s continue with something else other than those cockroaches, pests from hereĀ 

While responding to shakilla, Mishi Dora wrote on her stories, “Don’t start what you can’t finish, Remember you can’t teach an old cat how to dance ”

She further went ahead to say…

Ever seen how cockroaches walk in microwaves or ovens like they are Shadrachs and Meshach and Abednego? Be very careful with this insect, It’s small and mighty it can survive anything and anywhere.

Mishi Dora has had a rough couple of weeks after she got arrested for failing to pay a bill worth 152,000 at a Nairobi night club.

The case is still pending in court and we can say she’s clearly dealing with a lot right now, having had her house locked and her kids taken to an orphanage while she was a way in prison, according to an interview she recently conducted with Dr. Ofweneke.

Her former Nairobi diaries allies Aliipta Sam and Sabrina came to her defence, telling shakila to tread carefully when it comes to Mishi Dora.





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