Team Veteran set to dominate the industry with their release “Eazy”

Team Veteran set to dominate the industry with their release “Eazy”

Team Veteran, the dynamic duo composed of two seasoned artists, has become a formidable presence in the Kenyan music industry. Their journey has been marked by a dedication to creating music that resonates with the youth, particularly those in the ghetto.

The duo’s impactful tracks have not only garnered them a substantial following but have also served as a source of inspiration for many young individuals navigating life’s challenges.

Under the guidance of Black Market Records, a pivotal player in promoting Kenyan music, Team Veteran has found a supportive platform to showcase their talents. The record label has played a crucial role in fostering the growth of emerging artists.

Team Veteran stands as a testament to the label’s commitment to nurturing Kenyan musical talent. Anticipation is building as the duo prepares to unveil the music video for their upcoming anthem, “Eazy,” a track that promises to transcend into the new year with a wave of energy and positive vibes.

Team Veteran’s influence extends beyond just their music; it represents a movement within the Gengetone genre. With the imminent release of “Eazy” and a slew of projects and collaborations on the horizon, it’s evident that Team Veteran is poised for a remarkable journey ahead.

As Gengetone continues to make its mark on the Kenyan music scene, Team Veteran remains a force to be reckoned with, embodying the spirit of resilience and authenticity that defines the genre.

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