Kajala Declares her Love for Harmonize

Kajala Declares her Love for Harmonize

Tanzanian socialite Frida Kajala has come out to declare her undying love for singer Harmonize. The socialite on Sunday, July 10, went on her Instagram to reveal the information.

“I love him because the whole world is against us,” declared Kajala after she had posted a photo of the two on her page.

The two have been dating for a while now after they had initially been together and broken up. Harmonize became a simp and begged the socialite to take her back.

Kajala yielded after so much effort from the ‘Kwangwaru’ hitmaker. The singer even ended up giving Kajala the CEO position in his Konde Music Worldwide label.

Harmonize, who is younger than the socialite, has continuously expressed his undying love for the socialite and even followed up the post by commenting he loved Kajala.

“As long as God is with us, that’s all that matters,” Harmonize replied to Kajala’s post.

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