Sakaja Comes out on Top In Nairobi Gubernatorial Debate

Sakaja Comes out on Top In Nairobi Gubernatorial Debate

Senator Johnson Sakaja came out guns blazing during his Gubernatorial debate against Polycarp Igathe. The debate that was broadcasted by all major Tv stations on Monday, July 11, had Sakaja go up against Igathe in what proved to be a difficult event at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa for the latter.

The Nairobi Senator and Kenyan Kwanza candidate for the Governor of Nairobi had the crowd cheering for him as he brought out key points that hurt his opponent. Sakaja had trouble getting to the debate but made it just in time to eviscerate his major opposition.

Azimio La Umoja candidate Polycarp Igathe had in the last few months gained popularity and even looked as if he would be the ideal choice for the seat. Sakaja’s trouble with his University degree had proved a major talking point tainting the Senator’s chances of landing the most sought-after seat in the capital.

Igathe started off by bringing up the conundrum that surrounded his education documents. “Uttering a false document is a criminal offense and in this country, if found guilty you will be jailed,” Igathe said.

Sakaja then answered the question by claiming that Igathe was known for his skipping games, jumping from one job to the next. “That is an allegation. The county wants a governor who will stay in office for 5 years,” the senator ridiculed.

The former Nairobi deputy governor also slammed the senator and claimed that the constitution wants a governor who will be competent reporting that he was the perfect choice.


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