Old Tweet Lands Wizkid into trouble with Soulja Boy

Old Tweet Lands Wizkid into trouble with Soulja Boy

Nigerian singer Wizkid is facing backlash after an old tweet resurfaced online. The tweet had the singer speaking against American rapper Soulja Boy which attracted his attention.

Wizkid on May 12, 2010, shared a tweet claiming the American rapper was not up to standard. “I swear Soulja Boy is waack….. Jeez!” Wizkid tweeted.

The tweet did not get attention at the time as the singer had not gone international yet. The Nigerian superstar was only beginning his craft and that may be why he did not get the response he got now.

Soulja Boy quoted the tweet and responded to the sentiments that had been given by Wizkid 12 years ago. “Yo mama Wack. Shut ya b*tch ass up,” the rapper responded.

The two had not been in contact in whatsoever way and this is the first incident that is involving them. Wizkid is also not big on social media fights with his major confrontations coming only from other Nigerian stars.

The rapper on the other end is famous for his online wars as he has been in the crosshairs of almost every major entertainer in the USA.

Soulja Boy has fought the likes of Kanye West, Drake among others. It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

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