I am the Richest Underground Artist in Kenya: Papi Yorifa

I am the Richest Underground Artist in Kenya: Papi Yorifa

Rapper Papi Yorifa has come out to claim that if there was a Forbes list of Kenyan artists he would be at the top of it. Talking to Chonjo.co.ke on Saturday, July 9, the rapper revealed that he was the richest underground artist in Kenya.

“If we put down everything and have Forbes come down here and check our resources, I’m pretty sure I would be at the top of the richest underground artists in the country,” Yorifa stated.

The Young, Rich, and Famous CEO mentioned that right now he was doing good in business with his clothing line getting more customers every day. “I currently have two shops in Salem area of Nairobi and they are doing well,” he said.

The rapper also talked about why he had not concentrated on music and taken some time off from the craft. ” I saw the attention that politics and the elections are taking right now and decided it wouldn’t work out to release songs right now,” Yorifa noted.

“I want to let this period pass before I release my projects. I have some lined up and I’m even thinking of releasing an album too,” he confirmed. The rapper also said that he had collaborations lined up with some of the best rappers in the game right  now.

“I already have a collaboration with Katapilla locked in. I’m still waiting to see if I can also confirm one with Scar Mkadinali,” the rapper affirmed. He also gave his two cents on jointalbum collaborations saying that he was not against it in anyway.

“I have seen Scar Mkadinali and Wangeci. HR the Messenger and Sewersydda Mkadinali also did it. I would do it too if I found an artist that had the same chemistry with me. I think joint projects require so much chemistry to warrant success,” the rapper continued.

Yorifa said that joint projects sometimes made an individual lazy as the same effort put in a solo album would not reflect on a joint album. He said that he knew the projects had their advantages but also had disadvantages.

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