Baby Shely and Anjol Dama tops Latin music charts

Baby Shely and Anjol Dama tops Latin music charts

Black Market Records has unveiled a new project from their two new signees, Baby Shely and Anjol Dama. The latin song is dubbed ‘Discoteca’, a new school music with danceable beats and crazy visuals.

In Havana, Cuba Black Market Records operations in the region has yielded allot of opportunities for multi talented artists whose music are now getting the world recognition. Baby Shely and Anjol Dama sang this song in their local dialect but music has no language, the song speaks for itself.

Discoteca is about a man who wants to be with a woman. She is singing that she knows he wanted to have her in his bed the whole night, he wants to be with her at the disco the whole night. Perreo is a way of dancing in which women focus on moving their buttocks as fast as possible, kind of twerking.

You all need to rush and get a listen to this international vibing tune, Black Market Latin served at your comfort zone. Go stream Discoteca via the link below


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