Get To Know Mumbe Safari The Singer Behind Zaidi Ya Johari Song

Get To Know Mumbe Safari The Singer Behind Zaidi Ya Johari Song

Gospel sensation Mumbe Safari dares to delve into an area where not so many gospel artists tend to go. She uses her
unique style to talk about some constants in life despite the changing times. In this case, the constant in reference is
the value and worth of a woman.

Zaidi ya JOHARI;which is Swahili for ;More than. Jewel is a powerful track that conveys a deep message; the
intrinsic significance and Unmatched worth of a woman. Mumbe transcends the traditions and stereotypes of
conventional gospel music, making use of heartfelt lyrics to celebrate a woman.

She resonates with her audience,particularly women, or any other person with who wants to celebrate a special woman in their life, ever so

Before we delve deeper into the song details, lets & get to know Mumbe on a more intimate level. Shall we?
Q: Kindly describe yourself; what you do, kind of music do you do?
A: My name is faith Mumbe, born in kitui county specifically mwingi many years ago. Growing up in a Christian
family made me love church so much. I specifically do gospel music and am mostly into songs of worship.
Q: Give us a brief journey on how your music started and the milestones you have achieved so far
A: I can say that My journey into music just began from nowhere! Actually, I never thought that at one time ;ll be
into music but I came to the realization that it was in Gods plan. I think I inherited songwriting from my mother,she
used to write very beautiful patriotic songs and teach them to her primary children.
Q: Any challenges?
Yea challenges are many…
One, going to the studio to record music especially for the first time is not so easy! Then you have to release your
music and you’re not even sure whether it will impress people out there!..but when youre sure it is God who began
it,you find peace.
Time is also another challenge, especially when you’re working and it’s not possible to get permission all the time to
attend to invitations..but we press on..
Q: What are some of the current projects you are working on and when should we expect them?
A: Currently, I can say I’m working on the next album and praying about it. You know people always expect you to
come up with something better than the former! Im trusting God to give me what is timely for His people. When to
expect it, I’m not so sure but by early next year,there will be something ready!

Interesting and lovely individual; we’ve got to admit. Now back to &;Zaidi ya JOHARI
The lyrics in Zaidi ya Johari  are indeed a testament that points out the importance and strength of women; an
emphasis that our women should carry themselves with a little bit more worth, not just as adornments.

The metaphoric use of the term Jewel serves as a key driver that helps to bring the message home. It draws wonderful
parallels between a woman’s unmatched and immeasurable worth and the preciousness that a jewel exudes.

The song is well arranged, both lyrically and melodically. The video is bright and visually appealing, given the use
of bright colors and wonderful dance routines.  emotive delivery, coupled with her backup singer brilliant
harmony to the melody takes things to a whole new level.

What the audience is left to enjoy after listening to this
track it sincerity, absolute authenticity, and more importantly, the message to appreciate the value of a woman.

To sum it up, Zaidi ya Johari is a gospel track that does more than just uplift the spirit. It goes a long way to
celebrate the incredible value and worth of women, particularly the ones that carry themselves in a dignified and
upright manner. It transcends any religious boundaries, spreading the universal message of self-worth and

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