Troubled Rapper Stevo Simple Boy Lands Job at MCSK

Troubled Rapper Stevo Simple Boy Lands Job at MCSK

After his recent struggles and getting dropped by his management, Stevo Simple Boy is back again with a new gig. According to online reports on Thursday, July 6, the rapper will now act in the capacity of brand ambassador for the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK).

The announcement that was made by the board chairman Dr. Ezekiel Mutua expressed his admiration of the rapper revealing that he has been a fan of Stevo Simple Boy.

“Stevo is a talented young man, I remember I heard of him when I was still at the Kenya Film Classification Board and I started liking him then, in fact, there’s a time I even sent my personal assistant, and we were to meet,” Mutua mentioned.


The MCSK boss said this amid the financial struggles that the rapper was going through. Stevo Simple Boy has been in the media lately with sob stories that have brought so many reactions. It was earlier revealed last week by his current girlfriend that he was undergoing some financial challenges.

The story started doing rounds on social media owing to the fact that this was not the first time the rapper was being reported to be struggling. His current management also added to salt to the wound by dropping him from their roster.

Stevo Simple Boy has not been stable ever since he started working under different management. The rapper has always gotten the worst deals out of music and his attempt at business has failed multiple times.

This new gig at MCSK might help him get back to his original self but only if he keeps his head straight and uses his cash well. His once vibrant music career is slowly going down the drain and he needs a life-saving straw to get out.

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