Pritty Vishy Slams Netizens Thinking She Hasn’t Moved On

Pritty Vishy Slams Netizens Thinking She Hasn’t Moved On

Popular figure Purity Vishenwa alias Pritty Vishy has come out guns blazing on people who think she is still hang up on her Ex. According to an Instagram story shared on Sunday, January 22, the upcoming socialite claimed that she was over her Ex rapper Stevo Simple Boy.

“Ohh Pritty Vishy ujamove on, mnataka niwafufulie bidhaa yangu?” she stated in an Instagram story that she shared with her fans. Pritty Vishy mentioned that most of the people who thought she was not over her ex would only be surprised by the clout chasing she was about to unleash.

“Acheni mpigwe kiki polepole tu release ngoma. Anyway ni hayo tu kwa sasa endeleeni kunitag,” she said.

Pritty Vishy addressed her fans by telling them that any story that informed them she was not over Stevo Simple Boy was just a plot to deceive them.

“If I tell or show kwa ground vile kuko all of you will stop acting childish hapa. Ni vile naomboleza staki maneno bytha but if about moving on my people hio sio ngumu plus mnadanganya hapa na kiki then you start hating. Relaxini bana mtolewe wimbo mwache hasira za ujinga,” she concluded.

Pritty Vishy has been hang up on her Ex ever since the two parted ways  over a year ago. Priity Vishy and Stevo Simple Boy were at one time the most popular couple in the country and their breakup established Vishy as an upcoming content creator.

She used the rapper’s name to climb up the entertainment scene and become one of the most popular socilaites in the country. Pritty has gone ahead and even released a song that was a dig at her former lover Stevo Simple Boy.

This new revelation also points to her continuing into music as she has already teased a new song.

We await to see if the new song will be better than the first one because to be honest, it was bottom of the barrel trash!

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