DNA Home Testing Kit? Kenyans Confused

DNA Home Testing Kit? Kenyans Confused

Kenyans have in the last one week been excited about cheaper ways of DNA testing. This led them to purchase the new home testing kit that was going for a mere Ksh750.

That has however been corrected as the Daily Nation clarified what the kit could do. According to it’s report on Wednesday, 11 January, the kit was meant to only collect samples.

This meant that it would be used by those who purchased it to collect samples from whoever they wanted to test.

These samples would then be taken to the hospital for the results to be analysed. This would in turn incur a fee of Ksh15, 000.

Kenyans reading the article will be disappointed as most of them thought they would get the test results at only Ksh750.

This new information disbands the whole idea that DNA testing would come on the cheap.

Home Testing Kit that got Kenyans excited.


Many relationships were at perils due to the impending exposure that was about to hit them. Most couples were facing looming breakups that would be enabled by cheaper DNA tests.

Now all the cheaters can take a break and breathe a sigh of relief as DNA testing will remain expensive.

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