Aden Duale’s Political Farewell: A Testament to Commitment and President Ruto’s Support

Aden Duale’s Political Farewell: A Testament to Commitment and President Ruto’s Support


Aden Duale, the Defence Cabinet Secretary, recently affirmed his commitment to being a devout Muslim as he announced his retirement from politics. He emphasized his adherence to his earlier declaration that he would exit the political arena once William Ruto assumed the presidency. Duale acknowledged that President Ruto facilitated his transition from the National Assembly to the Cabinet, a move that he views as a testament to his word being his bond.


In an interview with KBC, Duale expressed gratitude for President Ruto’s role in streamlining his exit from parliamentary duties. He highlighted the president’s decision to appoint him as the Minister for Defence, considering it a sign of their shared vision for the country. Duale stated firmly, “I am a good Muslim, so I am not going back to politics. I have retired.” This declaration underscores his conviction that his political journey has reached its conclusion.


Duale shed light on his pre-election discussions with President Ruto, where he committed to continue serving Kenyans in alternate capacities within the National Assembly if their political alliance faced defeat. He asserted his belief in the transformative power of parliament, envisioning it as a catalyst for positive change in Kenya.

The Defence CS expressed his willingness to contribute to the nation’s progress, whether as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee or as a dedicated representative of the people.

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As Aden Duale bows out of active politics, his retirement marks the conclusion of a chapter shaped by his alignment with President Ruto’s leadership. His unwavering commitment to his promises and the acknowledgment of President Ruto’s pivotal role in his political transition underscore the dynamics of their political alliance.


Duale’s words resonate with the principle that one’s word is their bond, offering insights into the intricate interplay of personal values and political decisions in the Kenyan political landscape.

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