Why Wakadinali are Getting the Gengetone Treatment

Why Wakadinali are Getting the Gengetone Treatment


Wakadinali are Nairobi’s finest Hip Hop group at the moment and they continue to receive great love from the masses. They currently hold the record for the most streamed Hip Hop album in recent years with their monster project, Victims of Madness. This success, however, does not sit well with most people.

Kenyans in general have started criticizing the group for what they are calling unprofessionalism and bad performances when it comes to live shows. According to a post made by one Ker Onyango on his Facebook account on Monday, April 3rd, he claimed that the group might end up like Kalamashaka.

“Wakadinali will end up like Kalamashaka. Discipline will take you far than talent,” Onyango posted. He stressed that the group would lose it just like their predecessors. “James Milner is an average footballer at best but disciplined. El Hadji Diouf and Mario Balotelli were always like what could have been if they could just be disciplined?” he narrated.

Onyango went ahead to confirm that he had attended one of their shows and some members of the group were heavily intoxicated. “Wanapanda jukwaa wakiwa tungi, vijana pumbaf  saidi,” he concluded.

This post received so many reactions with people voicing their concerns about the trio. Some claimed that most of their interviews were so unprofessional. They commented on the way they acted during shows and it brought back the Gengetone memories.

Gengetone artists received the same crashing reviews about their shows and content of their songs. They were told how they had “Ghetto” mentality and always put on sub-par shows that did not please the fans. That is when Gengetone started losing dominance even after returning Kenyan music to the top.

Wakadinali are going through the same classicism right now where their behavior is considered too erratic for corporate. They are now being told how not to “misbehave”. Wakadinali are being cautioned to act professional when their whole music is based off on the real life of Ghetto youth.

Editing Wakadinali might affect their image but Kenyan fans are sometimes brutal when it comes to putting down their own.

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