Why Prince Indah’s Mamoth Crowd is a Big Step for Kenyan Music

Why Prince Indah’s Mamoth Crowd is a Big Step for Kenyan Music

I was in Kisumu last weekend and all I could hear was the awesome reception that Ohangla star Prince Indah received at the Mamboleo grounds two weeks ago. There were numerous praises for what the artist pulled that it led me to come up with this analysis.

The show was not marketed as you would expect to be able to pull off that crowd we saw at the event. People were made aware and they decided to show up in large numbers.

Ohangla has always attracted huge numbers of fans but this one was different. Fans from as far as Mombasa just to watch the maestro that is Prince Indah. The crowd filled up more than half the grounds as they rocked to the singer’s tunes.

The show was even compared to Ferre Golla’s that happened two months ago in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Rhumba star filled up a stadium with over 200, 000 people. Among the performers was Kenya’s Victoria Kimani who was included on the list.

Prince Indah’s show reminds me of Kinoti and Ethan Muziki’s shows at Sarit Centre two weeks ago. The show, though at a small space, was filled to the brim. I had an opportunity to also attend Octopizzo’s Voices of Kibera album launch and the crowd was also impressive.

These examples go to show that Kenyans are successfully starting to support their own. They are genuinely accommodating their own artists by attending all these shows.

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