Wabaya is the current East Africa’s Musical Phenomenon topping charts

Wabaya is the current East Africa’s Musical Phenomenon topping charts

Wabaya, a sensational music trio hailing from the vibrant streets of East Africa’s Kenya, has taken the music scene by storm with their incredible talent and profound storytelling.

Comprising Lockey Nation and Natt 32 City as gifted rappers, alongside the melodious vocals of Don Lion, this trio has carved a niche for themselves in the industry.

Initially known as LNK, they rebranded themselves as Wabaya in 2023, marking a new era in their musical journey. One of their standout achievements has been the release of their debut single, “Ishia,” which we’ll delve into shortly.


Wabaya’s roots can be traced back to Nairobi’s Eastlands areas, with Lockey Nation representing Luckysummer, Natt 32 City hailing from Dandora, and Don Lion proudly calling Ngomongo home.

Their unique backgrounds have infused a rich tapestry of experiences and influences into their music, creating a sound that resonates deeply with fans both locally and globally.

“Ishia” isn’t just another song; it’s a poignant reflection of life’s twists and turns, expressed through the lens of Wabaya’s collective experiences.

The title, “Ishia,” derives from Sheng, a slang language from Kenya, where it means “leave or go.” The song captures the complexities of love and relationships, touching on the heartbreak and emotional rollercoaster that many listeners can relate to.

The creative force behind “Ishia” is none other than Wabaya themselves. Lockey Nation, Natt 32 City, and Don Lion combined their lyrical prowess to craft a narrative that strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever loved and lost.

Their powerful storytelling sets the stage for an emotional journey that lingers long after the song ends.

In addition to the trio’s outstanding performance, “Ishia” features background vocals by the talented Kezia Wanjiru, whose harmonious contribution adds depth to the track.

The song’s audio production, mixing, and mastering were skillfully handled by Vinc On The Beat, ensuring that every note and lyric resonates with perfection.

The accompanying visuals for “Ishia” were a labor of love, scripted, directed, and edited by Lynke Junior from Film Brand Studios.

The video brings the song’s narrative to life, immersing viewers in the emotions and experiences conveyed by Wabaya.

The trio’s distinctive style and fashion choices in the music video were crafted by Truufitlabels, adding a visual dimension to their artistic expression that complements the song’s depth.

Wabaya Ishia video premiers this coming Tuesday, go subscribe to their channel as you await for the song to drop



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