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Top 10 Best Kenyan Artists 2022

Top 10 Best Kenyan Artists 2022

Kenyan artists continue to improve and outdo their previous selves traversing boundaries while still making the country proud. Today we make a list of the top 10 best Kenyan artists 2022 that are continuing to make a name for themselves.

This list order is randomly numbered and should not bring competition but just an appreciation of the best artists in the country right now:

1. Khaligraph Jones


Brian Ouko Omollo has continued to show he is one of our best artists with the work he is putting in. The rapper has impressed us with major collaborations and even ended up landing a movie role. Khaligraph has also brought us the Invincible Currency album which is one of our favorites this year.

2. Nikita Kering


The 20-year-old is not just a cute face and body. She is an embodiment of art as she proved by winning awards at the African Music Awards that were held early this year. The RnB singer continues to improve under the influence of Eric Wainaina.

3. Sautisol


The boy band group is one of the most popular in the music industry. Their BET nominations and Grammy invites while collaborating with major stars in the continent. Sautisol has also had its members doing solo projects while still maintaining and growing new talents. That is the definition of brilliance.

4. Otile Brown


The coastal singer is a force not to be ignored. He has been in the industry for more than a decade and continues to rock Kenyan fans. His Bongo style of music popular in his background of coast, has more people impressed with his act. He recently became an ambassador of a telephone company, and that is why he makes the list.

5. Wakadinali


The group consisting of Scar Mkadinali, Sewersydda and Domani Munga, has continued to rise above and beyond. They currently have three albums in the top 5 on Audiomack. The group has also done collaborations with other Kenyan artists including a Scar-Wangechi project, and another joint project from Sewersydda and HR the Messenger.

6. Nadia Mukami

She is probably the best female artist in Nairobi right now. Nadia has gained massive success since she was first played on radio. The ‘Maombi’ hitmaker makes the list because of her consistency and hardwork.

7. Mejja


Genge is nothing without Mejja. Gengetone came and found Mejja. It also exited and still left the legendary genge king standing. Mejja has been in the game since the Calif days and is still surviving while making music at the highest level.

He has not been much successful venturing outside the country but is still one of the most sought after artists in the country.

8. Stevo Simple Boy


After Freshi Barida, everything escalated quickly for Stevo. The once humble and meek rapper became a monster success and has been on upward trajectory since. Stevo is also making smart moves in the industry with his continued investment in industries like clothing and beverages.

9. Breeder LW


He is the true definition of big baba. The artist has made a name for himself switching styles and still maintaing his brand. Breeder has touched almost all popular genres of music ever since he started and has still ended up killing most of his features.

10. Ndovu Kuu











He was the break out star last year and has since maintained his status. Ndovu Kuu started when a small clip of his mega hit went viral.

The song was then recorded and had Khaligraph and Boutross on it. It was and still is one of Kenya’s best tracks to date.

Ndovu Kuu did not stop there as he went ahead and worked with industry heavyweights such as Bien and King Kaka.

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