Tanzanian Star Rayvanny Officially Leaves Wasafi

Tanzanian Star Rayvanny Officially Leaves Wasafi

Tanzanian star Rayvanny has reported his departure from record label Wasafi. The news that was posted on his Instagram on Tuesday, July 12, showed the singer saying goodbye to his former label.

Diamond Platinumz, president of Wasafi praised the singer and declared him the new president of Next Level Music (NLM) which is Rayvanny’s new label.

Bongo hitmaker Rayvanny was yet to leave his stable Wasafi over what is being reported as a debt he owes the record label. According to an Instagram post by Mwijaku on Monday, July 11, the singer owed the label over 1 billion Tanzanian shillings.

“Rayvanny bado hajatoka Wasafi kwa sababu bado hajamalizia malipo ya mkataba wake,” Mwijaku told media houses. Mwijaku mentioned that the singer was yet to pay the debt that was money placed on his contract with the record label.

Mwijaku also mentioned that the Tetema hitmaker owed the company Tsh 1 billion initially but after discussions, the amount was brought down to Tsh 800 million. “Baada ya Babu Tale kuzungumza na Mkubwa Fela, ilikubaliwa kuwa Rayvanny alipe millioni mia nane,” he said.

“Label aliofungua na yule pastor wa Zimbabwe bado ipo na deni analo daiwa limelipwa millioni mia tano kwa sasa,” he continued. He revealed that the remaining amount was Tsh 300 million.

“Rayvanny alipaswa kumalizia deni hilo lakini Diamond akamrai alipe fedha zote kwa ujumla,” Mwijaku mentioned.

He also noted that Rayvanny’s partner at Next Level Music had agreed to pay the whole amount in order to help him leave Wasafi.

Rayvanny has continued to fuel rumors of his departure from the stable that turned him into a star with most fans thinking that he already left.


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