Tanzania Fans Angry As Kizz Daniel Fails To Show Up

Tanzania Fans Angry As Kizz Daniel Fails To Show Up

Nigerian star Kizz Daniel was a no-show at his own concert in Dareesalam Tanzania on Sunday, August 7. The Buga concert was held in the city and the star did not show up to perform.

According to reports, the Nigerian singer did not show up and left fans hanging. Fans were seen throwing objects at the stage as they got tired of waiting.

Kizz Daniel was supposed to be the main artist of the evening but his absence attracted more fury from the awaiting crowd.

The fans expressed their disappointment at the singer who could not be traced at the show. They even destroyed some of the equipment that was set near the stage.

Kizz Daniel later posted a video of his performance in neighboring Uganda to which he celebrated the fans for turning up for his show.

It is still unclear if the singer showed up in Tanzania because the information that has been provided so far tells a different story.

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