Softporn? The menace that is Kenyan Club Photography

Softporn? The menace that is Kenyan Club Photography

Have you ever been to a club that had photographers? Lights flashing around as people had fun? Well I have been to one, and I was the photographer.

When I first did club photography 5 years ago at a club along Thika road, it felt innocent. I was an intern and was given a camera and Uber money so I was basically doing what I was supposed to.

I took out my camera and let me tell you something Maina, when people are drunk, they don’t fear cameras. They pose. They turn. They outright give you the perfect angles.

That was 5 years ago, before it became a necessity for clubs to showcase what was going on in their dens to improve marketing.

These days club photography is the in thing. Photographers are getting creative. Very creative. They are getting the best dressed. The best posers. And let’s not forget the dressing.

Photography in clubs has turned into a lite version of Pornhub. Women being the main attraction. They dress skimpy, not to be an SDA pastor here, and pose.

They pose.

And pose.

The pictures come out on Monday morning. Or even Saturday morning. Depending on how fast the photographer is.

You see women. Nice women. Men. Holding women. Nice women!

It feels good to be in the pictures. But then it feels kinda embarrassing when you find out these photographs are being used to beat meat. To pleasure some fantasy a lonely man has.

Soft porn at its best, is what club photography is turning into. The photos that get out of Kenyan clubs can rake in some cash on Onlyfans, if we’re being honest.


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