R Kelly Sentenced to 30 years in prison

R Kelly Sentenced to 30 years in prison

The court has finally given its verdict on R. Kelly, an international RnB artist. Following his arrest late last year but one, Kelly has faced several accusations. His business which was solely sex trafficking came to the public and faced a lot of rebuke by the huge numbers of netizens. R Kelly has been using his charm and money for this malicious acts.

He was allegedly involving hundreds of minors in his projects who quite a number are underage. The victims said in court that they were groomed for sometime, had to sign some documents of agreement which when opposed, a heavy penalty was in wait. The victims would then be subjected to sexual exploitation which went on to filming of pornography and more.

R. Kelly’s lawyer has come to his defence with the argument that this is a psychological effect of difficult childhood. He states that R. Kelly is a victim of multiple sexual harassment at a young age and what is happening is simply mirroring of unhealed trauma. He pleaded that his sentence be reduced to ten years which unfortunately for him, fell on deaf ears.

This jurisdiction has received a lot of reactions and steamed a good number of conversation for the netizens. Most support the ruling with the fact that no matter how harsh his environment was, it is not an excuse whatsoever to subject others to such animosity. The trial continuous this August as more accusation wait for their ruling.

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