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Kuky Ruthlessly Fires Back At Fellow Rapper Snaida Don Dada.

Kuky Ruthlessly Fires Back At Fellow Rapper Snaida Don Dada.

Femcee Kuky seems to have had enough of fellow rapper Snaida Don Dada social media antics , which have led the no nonsense Amua rapper to call out her out.



Kuky who just released a brand new EP Resilient Rhymes has been busy working on the EP’s visuals which will be out during the festive season.

Kuky Feeds The Streets With Brand New EP Resilient Rythmes



Snaida on the other hand has been busy promoting her projects but seemed to have rattled a hornet’s nest when she numerously tagged Kuky on her social media posts.days after dropping  a diss song aimed at female rappers.

Kuky would on reply to Snaida on Instagram warning her to keep off over what she called BS.

According to Kuky she finds this irritating considering the fact that the two don’t know each other , which according to Kuky is clout chasing.


Kuky has also discredited Snaida’s claims that she’s giving her free Publicity noting that the latter brand is on its deathbed whilst her’s shines.

Snaida Don Dada

Snaida Don Dada

Kuky thus sees this as joy riding and has advised Snaida to look for a rapper who fits in her caliber , for just like a left swipe on tinder , they simply can’t match .

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