Kuky Feeds The Streets With Brand New EP Resilient Rythmes

Kuky Feeds The Streets With Brand New EP Resilient Rythmes
  • Kuky is back with a brand new project , an EP dubbed Resilient Rythmes, which comes one year after she came thru with Gold EP¬† which just like her new project has been received with pomp and flare from her fans



It’s not been an easy ride for the Chali rapper who had to overcome a couple of hurdles that were thrown at her by her former label , which according to Kuky did nothing but build castles in the air for her career.



However being the fighter she is , Kuky successfully manouvered and navigated her way to this new project and the wait was worth it.


Resilient Rythmes is a five track project comprised of five tracks namely . Bundas league, Chali, Checking Dem , Waka & Ten.

Femcee Kuky

Waka is a tune that has kuky killing the beat like she was on a paid contract to do so.

Moreover Waka is more of an international sound anybody can jam with it as it sets the standard for a good diverse yet well understood song


On Bundas League kuky talks about big money and why she is all about the Benjamins than Franklin, she offers advices on rappers with egos before proclaiming that she wants a feature with Mbosso.


On Ten & Cheki Dem Kuky just flosses on why she’s a fine girl , hotter than raw pepper on pepe soup , adding that on a scale of fines she is a complete 10/10 .


Chali is the standout track on this project due to the message she passes on, She breaks the norm that ladies do not chase or simp after men.

For in the song Kuky is playing as the queen making move towards her King. Something that Kenyan ladies should try and see if they would actually die ūüėā

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