Kanye West Craziest Look That Has Kenyans Talking

Kanye West Craziest Look That Has Kenyans Talking

American rapper Kanye West alias Ye is not one to back down from proving he has a fashion sense that is different from anyone else. Ye rocks the most bizarre clothes but still looks cool doing it.

His latest look has had people thinking he might be losing it. He has never failed to get the attention of people whenever he has stepped out in some new invention in terms of shoes and clothing.

The rapper and businessman also continues to sell the same clothes and designs he creates. They may look weird to other people but Ye knows what he is doing most of the time.

Check out some of his looks below:

Miami, FL – Kanye West paints his face black and surprises Rolling loud Miami with a performance alongside rapper Lil Durk.


Below are also some of the looks that make Kanye West stand out from the rest


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