Fathermoh’s “Marafiki” song is set to come out this week.

Fathermoh’s “Marafiki” song is set to come out this week.

As the year comes to an end, I think it’s fair if we can all actually agree that this was Mbuzi Gang’s Fathermoh’s year! Known as the king of hooks, Fathermore has been releasing hits back to back.

And if you thought he was done for the year, you might have to think again, since, he has decided to suprise his fans with another hit for the festive season known as ‘MARAFIKI’.

Even though ‘Marafiki’ at this stage is just a teaser, from the look of things, it’s definitely going to be a banger given his track record. Fathermoh can actually work with just about anyone since he has worked with different artists who have different sounds and hasn’t disappointed in any of the collaborations so far.

The Black Market Record’s signee has so far been part of ‘Kuna Kuna’ and ‘Miondoko’, songs that are currently topping the charts and getting airplay everywhere across the country and within the East African community.

Even though Fathermoh is part of the gengetone group ‘Mbuzi Gang’ he has decided to taste the waters by going solo on this one.

He has however teamed up with producer ‘Vic West’ who he worked with on ‘Kuna Kuna’ as well as director Lozh and with that combo, we definitely can’t wait for ‘Marafiki’ to drop.
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