Ethic Entertainment and Boondocks gang new song ‘Naskia Wah’ is the biggest tune right now

Ethic Entertainment and Boondocks gang new song ‘Naskia Wah’ is the biggest tune right now

Biggest Gengetone tune ever is none other than the song from Ethic Entertainment and Boondocks Gang.

Both are widely appreciated for their music contribution to the entertainment industry, now this song dubbed ‘Naskia Wah’ is an excellent performing song that should grab your attention.

Produced under Black Market Records, the tune is big and quite catchy especially from the repetitive chorus. Ethic Entertainment have always known their way around this genre of music and that’s why they didn’t disappoint the listeners ears.

The combination is a mega one, from how their chemistry checked in and the easy smooth transitions and diversified flow from each artist on this song. Naskia Wah is definitely bigger than we anticipated and it’s enroute to topping global music charts.

If you are a fan of great music that lasts then you are in the right corner, go check out Naskia Wah nos out and available on all streaming platforms.

Stream via the link below

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